4 Easy Steps To A More Beautiful Fireplace Mantle

Thinking about Spring but still stuck in the house? It’s a good time to swap out some of your decorative accessories. Here are some ideas on how to refresh the look of your fireplace mantle. If you don’t have a fireplace mantle but you do a have a prominent table, you can get the same gorgeous results.

Arrabelle Resort Vail

via Arebelle Resort Vail

1. Use accessories that contrast in color with the wall behind them. You don’t want your accessories to blend in with the walls. Clear glass and crystal accessories tend to blend in with the background color so they are not best on the fireplace mantle.

2. Use fewer accessories. Your fireplace mantle is not the best place for lots of family photos, small trinkets, or nick-nacks.

3. Make sure the accessories on your mantle are large in scale. Thicker silhouettes tend to be better. If your mantle is shallow, look for items that are rectangular and can add dimension within the measurements of your mantle. For instance, a beautiful ceramic vase filled with natural branches or a large, decorative plate on a stand will usually fit on a shallow mantle.

4. It’s easy to use pairs of large, bold accessories and to place them symmetrically on either side of the mantle. You can also group 3 decorative items on one side of the mantle as shown in the Arrabelle Resort photo.