Add Decorative File Folders, Boxes, & Labels To Organize Your Paperwork

Have you gone through all of your papers from the last year and organized for the new year? If not, spend 15 minutes this week to get it done. Really, just spend 15 minutes. You can always do more later.

organize your desk space

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Get inspired with these tips.

1. Buy some fun, decorative file folders and boxes to use at your office space. If you prefer clear plastic storage containers for things you’ll store elsewhere, splurge on some decorative labels. We love the See Jane Work line of products available online and at your local Office Depot.

2. Turn on some energetic music that will help to pump you up while you are organizing your desk space.

3. Set a timer and challenge yourself to beat the clock. See how much you can accomplish in the time.

4. Use file folders, clips, and boxes to group your old bills and paperwork so that you can move them out of your prime space.

We’ll be posting some of our favorite desk spaces and accessories so keep checking back for updates.