Calendar Your Next Home Improvement Project

Does your home look a little dreary? Perhaps it’s the weather outside, the way your garden looks, or the fact that you put away all the festive holiday decorations.


If you think your home needs some improvement, we want you to put it on your calendar. Write down the steps and timing for your home improvement project. Pick something that is in your budget. We all know there are big projects that you save for over time and there are smaller projects that won’t break the bank.

Chances are you will need help with your project. You may need to shop for the look you want, hire people for installation, and get design advice. Don’t let the project overwhelm you. Break it into small tasks and put them in your calendar.

We will be giving some free advice on our Facebook page so if you have a question, post it for us. You can even upload a picture. We will provide some quick answers to help point you in the right direction and suggest the tradespeople you may need.

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