5 Things Nobody Tells You About Designing Your Second Half
Welcome to the first episode of Design Your Second Half. I'm your host, Nancy DelSanto. This podcast came out of my own experiences so it's deeply personal but when I share my story people want to know more.
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The Angst of Change: from Fear to Forward
My life changed but not with just one event. It had started years earlier. A natural progression really...
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Designing Your Second Half: Create a Wine Tasting Experience in Your Home
Every day is a gift, especially when we get to share it with friends...
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Designing for Your Second Half: Converting Kids Rooms to Guest Bedrooms
Pulling a room together is like knowing the right spices in the right amounts to make a really memorable meal...
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Finding The Courage To Live Your Dream
Don't be afraid of life. Live your dreams. Look through the open gate
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Recognizing Your Changing Lifestyle & Decorating Desires
Did you know that you can completely transform the look of your sofa or chair when you reupholster by asking for different style arms, skirts, feet, backs, and cushions? Many people don’t know that this is possible...
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