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Designing Your Second Half: Create a Wine Tasting Experience in Your Home

I've been thinking about one of my favorite birthday trips to Napa Valley. The highlight of the weekend was an afternoon at Quintessa Winery. Sitting at a farm table atop a vineyard hill and sipping white wines was a feast for our senses. That was just the start. Later we toured inside to learn about and taste the more expressive red wines. It was a soulful experience and a weekend I'll always remember.

Every day is a gift, especially when we get to share it with friends. What we crave in our lives is connection. Wine is a conduit and it's no wonder why so many people want to add wine storage and tasting rooms to their homes.

Designing for your second half should be a luxurious notion focused on creating fun experiences. Storing wines can be accommodated in a smaller space so it's an appealing idea for homes of all sizes. 

Wine tasting with friends gives purpose to the evening. It’s a way to break off from the larger party with a more intimate group of close friends. It’s one of those things that adds a luxe feeling to your living accommodations. Your house will be where the party ends up. Evenings with your besties will be more fun than you imagined—tasting fine wines and liquors.

I’ve worked with several clients on their wine tasting rooms. Our first step is to figure out the ideal location to create a unique wine experience. A naturally cool, dark place works well. Most people think of basements but you really only need a sliver of an unconventional space.

A glassed-in room underneath a staircase has become popular in many homes where space is at a premium. Another idea is to incorporate the experience into an existing dining room with a glass enclosed feature wall. Interior rooms that stay naturally cool are best but with cooling systems installed, any space can work.

I have helped my clients completely transform a drab room with little or no natural lighting into a showcase for wine tasting. In the photos below, I worked with clients to create an imaginative space reminiscent of a 1920s speakeasy.

The blue velvet curtain with long tassel trim provides old-world elegance. It stands out against the used brick, dark wood, scored concrete and historic tile reproductions.

Custom built-in cabinetry is always a good idea in small spaces. Every storage need can be thoughtfully designed with no sliver of space being wasted. I can create so many different looks with the choice of different door and drawer styles, not to mention different stain and paint finishes.

It’s fun to have so many choices but it’s hard for most people to pull a look together by themselves. That’s what we in the decorating and design world do every day.

What we crave in our lives is connection. Wine is a conduit.

I have two words for this finished wine tasting room that will continue to gift these homeowners with years of memorable experience—simply divine! Leave a comment below and tell me two things you'd like to know more about on this topic, wine tasting and storage. 

Wishing you a lifestyle you love,

 ~ Nancy
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