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Recognizing Your Changing Lifestyle & Decorating Desires

Remember back to how you loved it when you first saw it? It was so perfect. You cherished it over the years. Then one day, things hit your eyes differently. Your old friend didn't fit in. You craved something different.

If you've ever had these thoughts and felt unsettled or confused, you're not alone. Maybe you decided to ignore the feelings because you didn't have time to deal with them. 

You weren't sure of what to do. Getting someone else's opinion didn't help because they never had the same feelings about it....

So here's the question:  What bothers you in your own home every time you walk by it?

I think it's important to tap into your feelings and listen to that tickle inside you. Said another way, what stirs up a feeling of restlessness in you?  That's usually the first sign. Recognize it. Write it down. Contemplate it.

I went to a special dinner party the other evening and I noticed a rug rolled up in one corner. Of course, I inquired about it.  "It's a good Persian area rug I've lived with for over twenty years. I feel a little bit guilty rolling it up but it dominates the room and I just want a different look."
"Yes," I said. "It's happened to me. My rug found a new home and made its new owner happy. And I was able to move forward, embracing the change I had desired."

I remember it was hard to make the decision. We rolled it up and lived with nothing on the floor for a few weeks. The drapes were equally heavy and wrong for what I was craving. They went too, replaced by exactly what I wanted ~ white linen with a fabulously wide Mary McDonald x F. Schumacher trim. It was the start of a new direction, one that involved a lot of lightening up. More on that later.
Listening to ourselves is like taking a daily wellness pill.
So back to you and what makes you feel the love. What gives you a smile? What doesn't? Write it down. Start a conversation by leaving a comment below.
Wishing you a lifestyle you love,

 ~ Nancy
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