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Finding The Courage To Live Your Dream

A crazy thing happened as I walked along the beach. My thoughts turned to another walk years earlier. We were in Pebble Beach, Caifornia, a land of beauty and magic for me.

Transported in time, I could see the lush trees and hedges lining the road we were walking down one sunny day when we suddently came upon a beautiful gate. It was cracked open. Should we take a look? What would you do?

My brother-in-law, Larry, walked up with gusto and looked in. He wanted to see and so he did.

I was too shy, too afraid someone would come along. I immediately conjured up several disturbing 'what if' scenarios in my head. What if I was called out? What if someone drove up? What if there was a dog?

Larry was always optimistic. He expected the best to happen. When everyone else saw gray, he saw things through rose colored glasses. He walked in the land of blue skies. 

On his fifty-ninth birthday, very suddently and unexpectly, he died. In sweeping emotions, I feel his presence and wisdom. Don't be afraid of life. Live your dreams. Look through the open gate.
I scan the horizon now, blue glittering sea in front of me. Catalina in the distance. Back to the path.  

Out of nowhere, a giant of a man is walking toward me. He has the same gray-blond hair and profile of my beloved brother-in-law.  I stare at this stranger and smile inside. I don't know him but I'm grateful for this sign. 
Look through the open gate that is your life & see the wonder of your dreams.
Thank you to the heavens and my angel above.
Wishing you a lifestyle you love,

 ~ Nancy
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